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Vans shoes are one of the favorite brands of shoes by young people. With sophisticated design, diverse designs and quality, this is still a hot item that anyone should own. In particular, with these men’s vans shoes below, you will definitely have to “run around” to buy a pair.

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5 models of vans shoes for men

1. JD Sports & Vans Special 50th Anniversary Pack

No fussy, showy, men’s vans always affirms a high position in the hearts of fashion followers because of its simplicity but full of ways, especially the distinctive highlights. Still wearing classic stripes in blue and red, this special collection shoe is designed to commemorate with JD Sports after half a century of collaboration.

The highlight of the Vans this time is the caro inside design that creates a special attraction that can captivate all fashion followers.

2. Correct x Vans Vault Long Beach Native

Born in 2008, this shoe model has always impressed young people with its high neck design and smooth fabric. Associated with the American brand, Vans has created summer-style shoes with bright colors such as blues and magenta.

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3. Vans Italian Weave

One of the special designs of Vans released in the fall of 2016 is brocade – a material that is both classic but extremely unique. This collection includes 2 main lines of shoes, Slip – on and Sk8 – Hi with different motifs to create unique styles. It features a watercolor-inspired design, a geometric motif with two-tone black and white and a blue stripe pattern.

4. Vans late night package

The design from clothing to sneakers makes Vans attract the attention of young people. This is a very bold style because of the colorful motifs of these men’s shoes. The presence of familiar but extremely famous names such as Authentic, Sk8-Hi and Slip-On is the image of dishes familiar to young people from pizza, taco, hamburger to cupcake, macaroon or donut.

5. Believers of the game: Nintendo x Vans Footwear

For guys who love video games, this Vans is definitely a top-sought item. With the association with the cult game studio, the birthplace of famous characters such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, or Donkey Kong of Nintendo. The motifs on the shoes are designed very cleverly, both eye-catching and very delicate, making you “love at first sight”. Familiar lines launching in this collection are Authentic Canvas, Sk8-Hi, Old Skool and Slip-On.

The problem of real male Vans – fake?

This has always been a problem for thousands of shoe lovers. Not only that, even a blog that doesn’t love shoes is very annoying when wearing fake shoes. Their quality is not durable, easily perishable, making us uncomfortable.

So how do I know which real men’s Vans shoes are? Simple if you have seen the article on how to distinguish different types of shoes in the previous post:

You are wondering this is how to distinguish women’s shoes? Don’t worry, shoes don’t distinguish between men and women. Guys, remember to take a look before going shopping.

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