5 Color autumn bags suitable for women

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Deep brown is still the preferred choice for autumn

Brown is considered the typical autumn color. Gentle brown color, reminiscent of golden colors of the moments of changing seasons, evokes warmth and elegance. It is the classic courtesy of brown colors that has conquered every girl, skin, and personality to slip into every street corner to bask in the radiant autumn sun.

A medium sized cowhide brown female backpack

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Many girls are often afraid of green because they think it is picky and difficult to match. However, greens have a lot of shades and dark green tones create a feeling of brighter skin. This year, green cardboard is a trend that is favored by women thanks to its classic and luxurious beauty.

Plum red / warm red

Beautiful luxurious plum red female bag

The plum red tone becomes even more seductive in autumn. The warm plum red color brings a sweet and seductive beauty to the user.

Outstanding fire orange

Stylish fire orange tote bag

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If you like bright and energetic yellows but fear they are a bit dazzling, choose mustard yellow or burnt yellow. Burnt orange is darker than the original one-tone yellow, not too bright, enough to make you elegant, but enough to make you stand out on any street walk.

Creamy white / beige

Although it is the lightest color gamut in the above shades, milky white or beige has never stopped hot when it comes to autumn, this is also a color that can be combined with all shades without ever being “hit. lost”.

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