4 Most Decorated Men Athletes

Today, we talk about professional sports.

Professional sports is basically just any sport events wherein the level of competition is very high and athletes are being paid to represent their team or country or just by participating. It is easy to say that professional athletes are just there to earn money and enjoy the things they love doing. However, when there is national pride involved, then the seriousness reaches the highest level. Prestigious world championships and of course, the Olympics, are competition grounds wherein winning gets to be the biggest deal on the history of the sports chosen. To be invited or to make the cut and compete in these tournaments are already like winning because of how hell of a hard work it needs just to get a slot as an official contestant.

However, there are a few people on this planet, who we consider a one in a million, that consciously and repeatedly make these prestigious competition grounds there winning stage year after year. These athletes are not just dominating the sports at one point but are also able to stay on top for a very long time. Truly, these extra-ordinary athletes can easily be considered as super humans because of their physical abilities that surpass human understanding.

Researching for these super athletes is not that difficult of a task. Their utter dominance to the sports made their names synonymous to the sports event itself. What I’m saying is that one particular famous sport could never be that famous or known in the first place without mentioning the achievement of one dominant figure that loved that sport.

What we have here are four giants in the history of sports. These athletes dominated their sports that the world might still need to produce a couple more new generations of athletes before someone can break the records they set. Honestly, after you know the records they already set for their sports, you may reach to a conclusion that it is already impossible for anyone to outshine them.


In the empire of fencing, no one would dare to come challenge the Italian fencer Edoardo Mangiarotti. He triumphed with a total of 19 Olympic titles and World championships. The fencing maestro has able to attained 39 Olympic and World championships’ medals.

Being a part of a popular fencing family, Mangiarotti was trained early by his father Giuseppe Mangiarotti making him a renowned fencing maestro.

Mangiarotti remained to be an unstoppable adversary in the world of fencing as he pulled a total of 13 Olympic medals and 26 World Championship medals during his time.


A Norwegian professional biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen, also known as The King Of Biathlon, is the most decorated Olympian of all time. With 13 medals, he achieved the record for the most number of medals won in the history of the Winter Olympic Games. Aside from the prestigious achievement, Bjørndalen is also highly regarded as the most successful biathlete of all time with a record breaking 45 medals won at the Biathlon World Championships.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen came into prominence after winning 3 out of 4 gold medals at the Junior Biathlon World Championships in the year 1993. The event opened a lot of doors for the biathlete like being chosen to represent his beloved country, Norway, in the Olympics of the following year.

As of February 2014, Bjørndalen already collected a whopping 152 medal and championship cup winnings. These is by far the most number of winnings in the history of biathlon. From the Olympics, he has eight golds, four Silver, and one bronze. On the other hand, he got 20 gold medals, 14 silvers, and 10 bronze from the World Championships. The remaining 95 wins are championship cups from different prestigious biathlon competitions he humbly joined.


Nikolai Andrianov was a record setting Russian gymnast which formerly held the record for the top Olympic medalist in men category until Michael Phelps outdid him. With a total of 15 medals, Andrianov ranked second on this list.

Andrianov started his gymnastics career at a young age of 11. In year 1971, his international success began at the Madrid’s European Championships wherein he won two gold medals. The following years were great for the Russian gymnast, winning several international gymnastics competition counting the Olympic Games, European Championships and World Battles.

The successful gymnast won most of his medals at the Summer Olympics in year 1976. He garnered one team medal and 6 individual medals. Andrianov, is also regarded as the top holder of individual medals in the sport of Men’s Artistic Gymnastics.

In all prestigious and highly anticipated gymnastics competition of the world, Andrianov easily outranked all other competitors in terms of medal count. The combined winnings from the Olympics and all other world gymnast competitions, Andrianov is of no doubt the greatest gymnast of all time.


In the realm of swimming, an astounding athlete has all the rights to brag his success and triumph, and that is the sensational American competitive swimmer Michael Phelps. Phelps began his training at Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club under the supervision of Coach Bob Bowman, who straightforwardly recognized Phelps’ skills and vicious sense of competition. At the age of fifteen, he became the Summer Olympic Games’ youngest American male swimmer ever recorded for the past 68 years.

Michael Phelps is widely regarded as the most decorated Olympian of all time with an overall total winnings of 28 medals. He is also entitled as the all-time top Olympic gold medalist.

In 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Phelps was able to take home six gold and two bronze medals which then marked as one of the most promising performances in the history of Olympic swimming. Unto the next Olympics, Phelps was able to haul another eight gold medals from all of the swimming affairs he competed during the 2008 Beijing competition. And at the 2012 Olympics, the great swimmer won four gold medals and two silvers, leaving him with a record of 22 Olympic medals and the 18 of them are gold. His anticipated return at the 2016 Rio Olympics got him additional medals and made him hailed as the supreme Olympian of all time.