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Don’t Be Narcissist, Help Others Out, And Get The Real Deal

Many people want to increase their popularity, especially music artists, they try to be more well know, and somehow get their music out to the world. On Spotify this is possible. It can be done through plays. It is a self promoting method used to increases the recognition, and your fan base. Buying plays means that artists are eligible for royalties.

So, when consider to buy plays you may think that it’s a simple and easy task, which doesn’t require huge sums of money. And yes, yes it is, it is a great way to boost your profile. It is important to know to buy real plays, because there are fake plays, which do not work, and so when people buy Spotify plays ( are ripped off.

Why do people by plays rather than real plays?

This may seem like an easy question, and that it’s a common mistake that artists are making. But actually, it’s because artists don’t know the difference between the two. They feel that if they have go for cheaper options with more plays then they are saving a huge amount of money, for a good deal.

And as all sites say that delivery will be in 1-3 days or even less, and that they are high quality, artists won’t know the difference, and will hop on that train as fast as they can. So it is important to gain knowledge of it.

But it is possible that some artists know the difference, and as there are some sites that offers fake plays for cheap. And as some may know of this, they will tend to buy it and save their cost, and gain more fame in an inorganic way, which is unfair to the Spotify community.

How can you tell if it’s real or not?

As there are tons of sites that offer plays, claiming them to be real it is bit difficult to choose. There usually isn’t any proven evidence of whether some sites are fake or not. But one way to identify is if their offers are extremely cheap, because it is not likely that selling them below $1 is any company’s nature. So, this is one way to indicate it. And Spotify makes sure that when plays are bought the growth of your music is growing organically.

Overall if you want to buy Spotify plays then the best place would be from Spotify itself, they are trustworthy, and makes sure they satisfy their consumers. There won’t be any scams taking place, and it will all be worth a reasonable price, rather than extreme cheap offers, which may not even work.

Why you should buy plays

Yes, plays are helpful and will promote your music, but there are drawbacks of buying plays.

  • First of all, those cheap plays could be a scam, and what will happened in the end is that you won’t be gaining any fame or growth, but you will end up with is a scam that took your money
  • Plus, it is not beneficial for the Spotify community, because fake plays means, that you are not growing organically and it will causes artist who are actually growing organically their time and money, as it would be difficult to make a break.
  • Also, fake plays could result in an artist getting blacklisted, or suspended from Spotify.

There are plenty of more reasons why plays shouldn’t be bought, it would be a hundred times better to get the real deal than suffer the consequences.

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