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Top 5 extreme sports on extreme spots

Written by ararowing

For many people the thrill of inspirational locations or extreme sports is enough to keep them satisfied. For others though, they’re always pushing the boundaries.

Here we look at five places you can go to combine the two – extreme sports in extreme spots.

Number 5. Paraglide above Interlaken

Paragliding in itself is an exhilarating experience where you’re sat in a harness and essentially float through the air in a similar manner to a parachute jump. It’s been recognised as a global sport since the late eighties.

At Interlaken in Switzerland, you can take part in a tandem flight for in the region of £150. Not only will the paragliding get your heart racing but the landscape you get to look down at is second to none with the Swiss Alps stealing a lot of focus whilst views of Lake Thun, Lake Brienz and the vast green meadows are simply beautiful. It really is a must do.

Number 4. Zip line at Bethesda

Where is Bethesda I hear you ask. No, we are not talking about the videogame company responsible for Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Bethesda is actually a town in Wales, located in the county of Gwynedd. What is on offer here is Zip World.

As part of that you get a zip wire that sits some 500 metres above ground and runs for around one mile. It’s not the longest zip wire in the world (United Arab Emirates) nor is it the highest (France). What it is though is the zip line that will allow you to travel faster than any other.

The top speed can see you clock out over 100 miles per hour. It means your thrill will last just 36 seconds but, boy, will you remember it. You’ll also have the pleasure of flying over the old slate quarry and be offered views of the splendid Welsh coast.

Number 3. Volcano board in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the lesser trodden paths in the Americas but it’s hard to know why with it’s all round beauty and general safety in comparison to those around it. That’s not why we’re suggesting you go though. Oh no, there is another reason for that – volcano boarding.

It’s something that gifts control to gravity and connects you with your inner child – providing your inner child was fearless and a fan of high-speed sledding. What you’ll do is take a trip up Cerro Negro, which is near Leon.

It’s an active volcano that you’ll be able to look into, but the fun comes when you go down. Take your seat on a board – literally a wooden board – and let the slope rattle you down.

Number 2. Cycle death road in Bolivia

It might seem like a con to list a bike ride at number two on our list but, rest assured, this is no ordinary cycle path. The trail in La Paz is named El Camino de la Muerte.

It translates to ‘death road’ and was named so for the number of lives it has claimed over the years with around 300 people falling to their death every 12 months.

Safety on the route has been improved now with action taken in 2006 to reduce the chances of plummeting over the extraordinarily high cliffs.

Even so, follow the route and you’ll have the 40-mile ride of your life. It’s open to complete novices or experienced mountain bikers but ensure you take it at your own pace for optimal enjoyment.

Number 1. Slack line Yosemite Valley

For some people visiting the US, taking in a game of NFL is enough. For us, that feels pretty tame. At the other end of the spectrum is arguably the most adrenaline fuelled activity there is – slack lining – and there are few better places to give it a go than Yosemite National Park, which is located just three hours east of San Francisco.

It’s been a recognised sport for over 40 years with world championships having taken place for 12 years. Essentially, it’s tightrope walking with an extreme twist. The popular place within Yosemite is to walk across Yosemite Valley. It’s 800m high but views of the famous El Capitan and densely populated forest at least gives you something to distract your mind as you trot across.

There you have it, five places that combine the beautiful with the extreme. We assure you, that any of these activities will give you an adrenaline rush, similar as if you were fighting in a UFC match in BetAmerica odds.

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