Leaglity of Online Casinos – Should you play them?

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Many casino enthusiasts around the world are asking this question daily. And the reason why is apparent.
How easy is it for a programmer to write a piece of code that will rig the odds of the classic casino games, in favour of a rogue casino website?
The answer is – very. I mean, these games are based on statistics, and numbers are not hard to manipulate.
How, if that is the case, are online casinos even operating?
The answer is regulation.

Some online casinos sites are not reliable

Yes, that’s the truth. Not every online casino you choose to play will be fair with you. Some will manipulate the odds in their favour. It’s human nature, unfortunately. However, some online casinos are legit. And all they want is to entertain their visitors with old school casino games. And yes, make a profit as much as a regular casino does.

We all know that walking into a casino, even a land-based one,  means that the odds are against us. And that’s fine. We enjoy the game and take the chance to earn a quick buck even if it means risking our money.

So how can you tell between the regular online casino and the thieving ones? First thing you should know is the difference in the licensing types available.

We won’t beat around the bush. Don’t play in online casinos unless the U.K., or Malta regulate them. Why? Because these countries monitor the online casinos that they regulate. And this monitoring is crucial.

Another essential thing that regulation gives us is the knowledge that the online casinos we entered have money to back it up. These licenses are expensive, and also force online casinos to have a certain amount of money as a deposit. In case a player is not being treated properly. The regulated countries can use these funds to repair the wrong that has happened.

One more thing we can watch out for is the casino’s reputation. Online casinos do have a reputation and players are communicating with one another over forums or other social media websites. And an online casino with a good reputation will not want to hurt it by not paying a player.

Some websites provide online casino reviews. Where you can register and tell others about your experience in an online casino.

What about the residents of the USA?

If you want to find the best online casino USA, and not sure where to begin. It is a little bit more complicated. In the USA, there is no rule against playing on online casinos. Some rules give online casino operators harder lives when it comes to accepting players from the USA. But the players themselves will not be in any risk of persecution. The problem is that online casinos licenced by the U.K. or Malta will not accept USA players most likely. So you have to choose only online casinos with the best reputation before you start playing on them.

One last thing, you should always start with a small deposit. Win a little bit and try to withdraw, before making a larger deposit.

As long as you choose an online casino with a good and long reputation, you should be good to go. Online casinos are a great business, even without being a cheat, so there is no doubt that some of them are fair. You have to make a wise decision who to trust with your funds.
Good luck.

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