4.6.2 Introduction to OAR

4.6.2 Introduction to OAR

Setting up a rowing club for the disabled can be lonely. Even within an established sports club it can be difficult to know where to start.

Open Adaptive Rowing can provide a comprehensive guide to putting disabled athletes on the water. Whether you need help with two or twenty athletes, our team of experts will find the perfect way for your group. We will work within any budget and show you how to coach, train, adapt equipment, fundraise and manage the group.

All in all we can cover everything that you need to do in the first six months of setting up.

OAR will set up rowing for the disabled at your club. We will show you how it can work. Hassle free. We will prove it works and can be done easily and you can open up a whole new world to your members.

Our track record proves it all. Since the launch of our Oxford group, numbers actively rowing in England have increased by over 500%. Within the last year Open Adaptive Rowing has put nearly 300 new athletes on the water successfully. OAR has now over 18 interested clubs in the UK and aims to have 1000 disabled people actively rowing by the year 2001. We can help you be part of this growth.

OAR has long been a national example of good practice in England and the UK. We hold a full library of current coaching techniques, developments in the disabled world, grant application forms and equipment modification the world over. We can help you to produce a standard constitution as approved by the ARA and the Charity Commission, register with both and Mencap (if applicable).

OAR works as the National Development Committee Working Party for Rowing for the Disabled and represents the needs and wants of all disabled athletes in day to day and high performance rowing. This includes organsing national and international regattas, conferences and events.

Remember, active rowing for the disabled entitles you to apply for many grants for your club and is always easier than it seems!

For more information emailĀ Helen Foord

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