The World’s Worst Yet Popular Sports That People Actually Play

The world is full of unusual and weird things. Most of this bizarre stuffs can be found in nature yet a few are created by human themselves. It is expected from humans to create crazy things though because they think they can do anything in this world. Humans populate like bacteria, they exploit resources and pollute the environment. These are the craziest and the most serious things that human do which unfortunately they chose to turn the blind eye and neglect the consequences.

Conversely, there are also crazy human doings that are funny and competitive and not that so serious like the list we have for today.

We all know sports as a worthwhile and popular form of activity that promotes health, wellness, and camaraderie.  There are a different types of sports and most of them are famous and are featured in the Olympics. Some sports create superstars that not only act as role models to a lot of people but also are considered some of the world’s richest. For most of the popular sports events, almost all people know its rules and appreciate how graceful the executions are. However, as part of our fickle human nature, some of us gets bored with the same thing being executed and played over and over again. During this point, while most of us just look away and find other things to appreciate, there are a few ingenious individuals that invent new stuff to replace the old. It may not be a better alternative but rest assured, it proved to be something worth spending or wasting your time.

Weird sports are created everyday by weird people around the world. Most of these attempts may be futile and may only serve as fun games at home while some breaks out and becomes a big local event.  These weird local sport games apparently have large media following and slowly capture the hearts of netizens around the world. Be warned as early as now that these sports do not have much sense and clear history. The best thing about these sports is… it’s just so fun.


Wife Carrying

First on the list is a test of man’s strength to carry their better-half, literally. The sports’ rules and regulations is straight forward, the husbands will carry their wives in any style they want and must race through a series of obstacles. Wife carrying originated from the land of Nokia, Finland and the people of this land take this sport very seriously as married men prepares for the whole year to join the event.

The sports has strict regulations – course must be approximately a quarter kilometer long with 2 water and 1 land obstacles. The wives will also need a pass the weigh-in. Their weights must be at least 49 kilos or else, their husbands will get a 15-second penalty on the starting line.

Surprisingly, this wife carrying sports have a world championships that is being held every July. It is an open invitation games wherein couples from all over the world try to experience the best date ever. The prize? A year of bragging rights and wife’s weight in beer.

Outhouse Racing

For those people who don’t know what an outhouse is, it is actually a detached restroom usually built with the homes found on the American rural areas. Some crazy Michigan folks had a cracked idea to use their outhouses as a vehicle for extreme sports.

In this weird sports, the participating outhouses are fixed on sleds and the minimum requirements are just a toilet paper dispenser and a toilet seat. One team is composed of three players, one will ride the outhouse while the other 2 will push the sled down to the finish line.

This sports event is being held once a year and competitors register their outhouses with fashion. Outhouses that are joined into the contest are decorated and named like real racing machines.

Extreme Ironing

Next stop is probably the most extreme among the featured sports here. This sporting event is so famous that it has its own regulatory board that governs the rules, events schedules, and of course, marketing.

Extreme ironing originated from Britain and slowly conquering the United States. The sports’ tagline is rather a catchy one—“the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.”

The mechanics are simple, iron shirts using a portable iron while the ironing board is placed in somewhat extreme regions of where the event is set. Some of the event courses that were already conquered were waterfalls, forests, dark caves, and even while kayaking.

Cheese Rolling

This weird sport involves rolling a type of fermented food which if people have the right sense of mind should not have thought of doing this almost non-sense activity.

This annual event held at Cooper’s Hill, near Gloucester, England has it all—insane competitors, huge number of spectators, and full media coverage.

A standard Gloucester Cheese wheel will be rolled down over the event’s downhill slope then a second after, a horde of competitors will try to catch up with the speeding cheese. According to officials’ clocks, the rolling cheese reaches a top speed of 112 km/hr and since it is designed like a wheel, it does not have any problems rolling down a steep hill unlike the human contestants who suffer hell doing their best to win.

Even if attempts to catch up with the cheese are pointless, people from all over England are still up for the challenge and fun. There was actually a time when the cheese rolled violently towards the spectators that one of them became a victim and was hospitalized.

Mud-Pit Belly Flop

This last weird sports is actually just one event of a series of activities known to the locals of Georgia as the Summer Redneck Games.

Yes, the name of the game is as sadistic as it sounds. Contestants prepare for the worst experience of their lives as they dive into a very shallow mud pit, stomachs flat. The flop that produces the loudest slap sound and the most painful-looking is the winner.

Most of the time, obese and fat people joins this contest not to humiliate themselves but to gain glory. They know that their physique has the greatest advantage to the game since greater surface area, the higher chance of getting that perfect painful flop.