Different Types Of Swimming Goggles

It is a rewarding feeling to spend a lot of time just swimming. Definitely, it is a fun way to de-stress yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday errands.

Swimming is an excellent all-around activity because not only it increases and stabilize your heart rate, it also takes a number of the impact anxiety off your body. Moreover, it promotes cardiovascular fitness, enhances endurance, and muscle strength. Swimming also aids in maintaining normal weight, healthy lungs and heart as well as it greatly tones muscles.

It is vital to know that swimming in secure and dirt free water which has been treated with apt disinfectants and chlorine is not enough for everybody to feel at ease. Taking safety precautions are always recommended. Whether you swim for leisure or use it as a form of work out, it is most important to use protective gears for your body especially for your eyes.

The Role of Goggles in Swimming

A pair of goggles is a protective eyewear that encloses the area surrounding the eyes which improves vision underwater and restrains particles, water, or any other harmful chemicals from entering the eyes.

Picking the precise duo of best swim goggles is imperative for the comfort and health of your eyes when swimming. You have to make sure that your protective eyewear doesn’t only shelters your eyes from irritants but also fits comfortably over a long duration of time.

Types of Goggles

For starters, there is nothing more exasperating than choosing the accurate swim goggles. A lot might assume that this is a trouble-free task, but there are loads of selections in frames, lenses and shades to choose from.

To give you an idea of what goggles to choose, here are the four types of swim goggles:


Competition goggles, also best known as Swedish goggles, is a type of swimming eye protection that fits close to the eye socket due to the absence of gasket resulting to minor water drag compared to conventional ones, making you more hydrodynamic underwater. As what the name suggests, these types of goggles are popular and primarily used by swimmers for competition.

Although this type of goggle suits every racer, it is least recommended in practicing and it may be uncomfortable to use every day. Several competitive swimmers may wear another style for training and then switch to the Swedish goggles for competition.

Aside from being inexpensive, the competition goggles usually come unassembled; hence, giving racers the opportunity to modify them. They only come in a single size and they can take some time to get used to, yet competition goggles are very efficient once you are familiar with them. Their visibility is supreme amongst all other types.

By altering the space between the eye cups, it’s feasible to get an exceptional individual fit with this form of swimming goggle.


This variety of goggle is meant to be worn for everyday practice. They have a less technical appearance when matched up to competition goggles. The lens of this type is rounded and bigger than the others which convey better visibility underwater.

On the other hand, the nose bridge is always modifiable. Excellent quality training googles can handle jagged water well and can be comfy for long periods of time as they are designed for swimmers who spend a lot of time in swim training.



Gasket type goggle, also renowned as the classic type, comes in a variety of forms: silicone, foam and rubber. The most well-liked preference is usually the silicone type swim goggle as they are easy to find, but some pledged for foam. This type of swimming goggles have endless color selections and sizes.

Normally, gasket goggles are used in daily practice. They are extra comfy given the reality that they are worn for longer periods. In addition, they have gasket rubber which decreases the pressure and stress against your eyes while also providing a high-quality seal.


Intended for scuba diving and snorkeling, swim masks are much bigger, perfectly sits around the eyes, and gives a fine suction on your face than any other goggles. Aside from comfort, this type of goggles also offers superior seal to minimize leaks when used.

Furthermore, the swim mask type is usually favored by open water swimmers because it provides you with a great field of vision thus without difficulty you’ll be able to see the beautiful underwater view.

They come in increasing range of sizes, color, mirrored lenses types and shapes. They’re also easy to adjust and greatly recommended for kids.



Frame goggles, best known as open water goggles or leisure swimming goggles, are flat lens goggles with silicon gasket frame which serves as waterproof seal. The nose connection and frame is usually one inclusive inseparable unit and the nose width is interestingly not modifiable.

This type of goggles is often said as the most comfortable type of goggles for a lot of people, especially beginners and intermediary swimmers. Goggles in this variety are effortlessly worn for extensive durations due to the hefty gaskets and seem to handle coarse open water circumstances well.

Frame goggles come in a full range of frame tints and lenses from dim to light, transparent to dark, mirrored and color-tinted.

Lens Color Varieties


This lens color will offer you great visibility in indoor swimming or low light environment setting.


Great for outdoor swimming environment that has intense level of light and has direct sunshine. This lens color blocks out glare without dimming your perspective.


Hued lenses give average defense against the bright light and sun glare making them appropriate for indoor and outdoor swimming environment.


This lens color is perfect for outdoor swimming as it reduces glare and reflection.


This exceptional lens color provides swimmers the best of both worlds. The lens of this range actually responds to the light levels and automatically regulates itself. They grow dim in vivid light and lighter in low light. This makes them ideal for triathlons, when the sun and its intense glare can go in and out.

Tips on Getting a Good Fit

• Try numerous styles to find a swim goggle that fits you flawlessly.
• As much as possible invest in a pair of goggles that can be modified around the nose.
• Always check the label because some goggle models come in a regular and small version.