A Quarterback’s Diet: What Does Tom Brady Eat?

Since Tom Brady managed to keep winning in Super Bowl events as quarterback, football fans and critics can’t help but scrutinize his every move each season. Brady is the only quarterback who won five Super Bowl seasons. That’s a great feat for any football player.

Quarterbacks are considered as leaders because they lead the offensive team. Naturally, their roles require strict training. In order to cope with harsh training, a quarterback must stay fit with a healthy diet. Luckily, I was able to find out Brady’s strict diet plan through Boston.com’s exclusive interview with the athlete’s private chef Allen Campbell.

Allen Campbell and the Brady Household

To be more specific, Allen Campbell cooks for Tom Brady’s family. That means he also serves Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. He met Brady and Bundchen in Miami when he was still working at the Gansevoort Hotel. Brady’s family is actually Campbell’s first employers as a private chef.

The Main Component of Tom Brady’s Diet

Simple – vegetables. Specifically, 80 percent of Tom Brady’s diet plan consists of veggies. Meanwhile, 20 percent is for lean meats such as chicken, duck, organic steak and wild salmon.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Tom Brady’s Food

Allen Campbell made sure not to use white sugar, white flour, MSG and iodized salt. Amazingly, he uses Himalayan pink salt as substitute for iodized salt. He also has a specific preference with olive oil. He uses raw olive oil but never cooks with it. Instead, he cooks with coconut oil. In addition, Tom Brady does not consume dairy products and caffeine.

One interesting note is Brady not eating tomatoes. In general, Brady is not advised to eat nightshades such as tomatoes, eggplants, mushrooms and peppers because of their anti-inflammatory properties. American football involves so much physical encounters leading to full body pain. So, no tomatoes for Brady. The quarterback also does not eat fruits much except for bananas.

Pre-Game Meals

Surprisingly, there is not much difference in Tom Brady’s diet plan before any game. Instead, Brady prefers changing the menu during summer and winter. Red meat, root crops and soups are for winter. For summer, the couple eats less. So, Allen Campbell cooks lighter meals such as salads and lasagna.

Other NFL Players’ Diet

There is really no such thing as a footballer’s body. Because of different positions in one major team, players have varying agility, size, strength and speed levels.

Troy Hill (Cornerback)

Tackling receivers is the essence of a cornerback. So, Troy Hill needs to maintain a heavy weight. He requires 5,000 calories every day. He doesn’t follow a strict diet plan because he just needs to eat a big amount of food every meal. Although, he still looks lean despite continuous consumption of food. That’s the best part about having a fast metabolism.

Lorenzo Alexander (Linebacker)

Changing from one position to another in football also means changes in diet. Lorenzo Alexander was a lineman previously. But, he needed to lose weight because he is now the linebacker of the Buffalo Bills. He successfully lost 75 pounds before the new season. Still, he required carbs to have the energy to run across the field. A linebacker must be heavy enough to tackle but light enough to run.

Final Thoughts

Being a celebrity athlete is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to perform your best during games – you also have to maintain your goal weight off-game. After all, a good performance comes from physical capacity. To maximize the potential of the human body, then we should eat right.