5 Best Water Parks in Africa

One thing that comes into our minds when we say Africa is hot climate. But, that’s what makes their water parks great there. Water sports and other recreational activities are so much fun under the sun. Here are the top five water parks in Africa that perfectly capture the image of a tropical paradise:

5. Aquafortland (Bordj el Kiffan, Algiers, Algeria)

What’s great about this water park is that it has a lot of attractions and games free for everyone. Aquafortland has three swimming pools called the River, the Dolphin, and a paddling pool for kids. It also has an outdoor Jacuzzi and Aquagym. For more intense activities, this water park has 4 giant slides, trampolines, an adventure course, and a big sandy area for beach games such as volleyball and soccer.

If you want to take a break from the heat of the sun but still looking for fun, Aquafortland has a room for console games. In addition, the water park itself organizes activities for guests everyday such as dance parties with DJs, water volleyball, fitness classes and sports tournaments.


4. Sun City Aqua Park (Pilanesburg, South Africa)

This water park has a smart layout: one section is for rides and slides while the other one is for intense water sports. Sun City Aqua Park is famous for its Valley of the Waves attraction. It has exhilarating slides, splashing waves and a beach full of palm trees. Its Waterworld section includes activities such as parasailing and bumper boats for the whole family to enjoy. Another thing that makes the water park popular is its sheer drop measuring 30 meters high.

3. uShaka Marine World (Durban, South Africa)

This water park’s Wet ‘n Wild attraction has a lot of fun activities for both adrenaline junkies and more laid-back guests. The Body Tornado is the known to be the fastest and newest slide of the water park. It also has a unique feature wherein you would go fast through a tunnel then spiral around a “tornado bowl” until you reach the swimming pool below.

For thrill-seekers and daredevils, Cuda: Supertube is a favorite for these types of guests. It has a lot of twists and turns. On the other hand, families and groups of friends will have fun racing in the Zoom Zoom: Multi Lane Racer. The slides have little obstacles such as humps for a more challenging race. uShaka also claims to have the highest slide in the whole continent of Africa. The Drop Zone has an 18-meter drop.

Other attractions include Mamba Tunnel Slide, Squid: Mini Supertube, Torpedo: Kamikaze Speed Slide, Plunge: Free Fall Slide, Jika Jika Family Rafter, Toti Splash Kiddies Slide, Fast River Ride and Dizzy Duzi Adventure Ride.

2. Jungle Aqua Park (Hurghada, Egypt)

When you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful water park landscape, then you might want to experience the magic of Jungle Aqua Park. Aside from the water park’s aesthetic appeal, of course, it also has exciting attractions. It has 14 swimming pools, including heated ones, and 35 slides. Its interesting features include Group Slide, Tube Free Fall, Twister, Up Hill, Turbo Lance, Flying Boat, Wave Slide, Space Boat, Space Hall, Tsunami, Multi Slide, Black Hall, Rafting Slide, Big Rafting and Rafting River.

1. Aqua Blu (Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt)

While Jungle Aqua Park is beautiful in broad daylight, Aqua Blu is stunning at night. Golden lights cover the whole landscape beautifully. This water park also has a whopping 62 water games and slides. Its popular attractions for daredevils are Kamikaze and Black Hole. Kamikaze is a collection of gigantic and fast slides. Meanwhile, Black Hole catapults you into twists and turns in the darkness. How thrilling is that? You would be surprised that a big splash of water greets you as soon as you get out of the slide.

Other exciting attractions are Twister, Tube Freefall, Multi Slide, Body Slide, Flying Boat, Space Boat Tube, Rafting Slide, Tsunami Slide, Space Hole, Up Hill Flying Boat, Kids’ Freefall, Elephant Slide, Mushroom, Aqua Tower and Dolphin.

Dreaming for water sports in just one location? Then you have to visit water parks!