10 Beach Chair Accessories You Can Use in Your Next Getaway

The best part about going to the beach is the chance to lounge while facing the sea. That’s why I always make sure to bring my beach chair with me. But over time, I developed some pet peeves because I need other things while lounging like sipping some beverage and reading my favorite book.

Beach Chair Accessories

Good thing that there are actually various beach chair accessories available in the market right now. These will definitely upgrade your experience in the beach and lose all usual pet peeves most beach-goers have:

Cup Holder with Grip

I consider this product as a must-have in the beach. Summer days can be super-hot, so it is best if you have an ice-cold beverage in your hand. But, with a removable cup holder, you don’t have to hold your drink for a long time anymore or put it on an unstable surface. Aside from cups, it can also hold soda cans, mugs and bottles. You can attach it in other surfaces too such as tables.


No-Spill Tumbler

No matter how stable some beach chairs are, a sandy surface can still make a chair go out of balance sometimes. If you have a beverage in the cup holder and the chair falls, it would be waste of drink. So, don’t use cups and mugs as much as possible in the beach. Instead, use a tumbler or any beverage container that has a no-spill lid. You can also choose the ones that have a straw included, so you can still drink without tilting your head upwards.


Snap-On Side Bag

This is also a personal favorite of mine. Side bags that can be snapped around the beach chair’s arms are life saviors. You can put necessities here such as snacks and gadgets.

Clamp-On Canopy

If you want a smaller shade so you can continue basking in the sun, you have to use a canopy instead of an umbrella.  But, choose canopies that you can easily clip onto the beach chair. Choose also the ones that are adjustable so you can decide which angle to use. Collapsible canopies are helpful when you don’t mind the sun anymore.

Clamp-On Umbrella

Umbrellas for beach chairs are for much bigger coverage and taller people. They usually come in clamps for a more secure attachment to the chair. The best part? Umbrellas can be used anywhere, not just an accessory for your chair.

Towel Clip

We don’t want to get sand all over our towels. In order to avoid accidental slipping of your towel from the beach chair, you should use a towel clip.

Tray Table

Another way to keep your drinks and phone near your reach is attaching a tray table on your beach chair. Choose a tray table that has a secure lock. The flat ones are not secure enough for your drink. So, buy a tray table that has slots for beverage and phone.

Book Holder

If you’re into reading in the beach, then purchase a book holder that can be attached to the chair. This product is a convenient way to securely place a book on the side while doing other things.

Spray Beach Bottle

Sometimes, you can’t bear the heat anymore while lounging in the beach. Some people would just cool themselves up by swimming. But, for instances when you’re still not ready to swim yet, use a spray beach bottle. Just spray a cool mist all over your face and body whenever you need it. Buy a spray bottle that can be attached to the beach chair for a more convenient experience.

Aside from cooling your body, spray bottle is an easier way to rinse your feet, chair and other belongings before getting inside the car. It is very useful during and after your fun day at the beach.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Personally, this is my most favorite beach chair accessory. A great pet peeve of mine whenever I’m in the beach is getting sand and water all over my speaker. Good thing that there are waterproof Bluetooth speakers available in the market right now. Some speakers can be attached to the chair or umbrella. I think this is the coolest accessory for any beach chair.

Creative Tricks to Spice up Your Beach Chair

My wife and I love to hang out in the beach. In particular, I noticed how my wife gets possessive with her beach chair by making sure it looks pretty, unique and functional all the time. Turns out, she came across a DIY article from Brit + Co about some style upgrades for beach chairs. Check these out:


The craft craze started when my wife’s longtime beach chair began to wear out. She found it a waste to just throw the chair away because the frame is still durable and functional. So, she browsed some DIY blogs and discovered that there are indeed ways to restore it.

The materials needed are scissors, a needle, a wax thread, a hot glue gun, an elastic cord and a cotton strap measuring 2 inches. First, you have to remove completely the old back support of the beach chair. Then, securely stitch the strips of cotton straps around the chair to serve as the new back support. The colorful cords are used to design the white straps.

Brit + Co


This is a more complicated process when you’re not really good at hand-sewing. But, the result is even more personalized and creative. The materials you have to use for this style are glue gun, needle, pen, scissors, embroidery floss and fabric. You can use this method for new beach chairs because you don’t have to remove the original material.

All you need to do is just embroider the image or words you want to put on the chair. For an easier time in stitching, you can first draw or write a guide on the chair itself. The thread will hide the lines. The fabric’s purpose is to conceal the messy part behind the embroidery.

Brit + Co


Now, this is the coolest one for me. Stamping certain shapes all over the beach chair creates a unique pattern. The result? It seems that you just bought a new chair in a store. What you need to accomplish this are foam brushes, a pen, acrylic or fabric paint, scissors, wood block and sticky-backed craft foam.

First, draw your designs on a craft foam. After cutting the shapes, attach them to their designated wood block. That serves as your stamp. Then, it is all up to you on how you cover your chair with the shapes using the stamp and the paint.

Brit + Co

Before your next trip to the beach, don’t forget to purchase or try anything I mentioned here. I assure you – it will result to a whole new level of fun and convenience. Just one more tip, some of these accessories are built-in already so make sure to checkout these best beach chairs before you buy the separate accessories.